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She is simple, natural, healthy.
she is relaxed. She just likes the good things in life.
She is determined, she knows what she wants.

“Anywhere, anytime, because i like it.”



She is assertive, fun and outgoing.

She’s pretty but not a snob.
She likes to go out and have fun, but reasonably.

“Let’s dance…”




She is an independent, beautiful strong woman.
She has a glass of wine after work, relaxing.
She is sophisticated, yet loves simple things and simple moments.


Pale lemon in colour, this fresh and fruity wine has aromas of pineapple, melon and dried peaches. The palate has a fine spritz and sweetness, displaying more fruity flavours including apple, pear and citrus.

The finish is crisp, clean and refreshing.

A lovely moscato, to enjoy anytime, anywhere, because you like it.



She drinks Dragonfly.
Available now at the nearest wine shop, restaurant or club.

Ask for it. Dragonfly Moscato.